135 Townhomes Coming to Packing District

Dr. Phillips Charities announced Tuesday in a press release that 135 townhomes will be built on eight acres within The Packing District (Facebook), a 202 acre regional development centered at the intersection of Princeton Street and Orange Blossom Trail that pays homage to the industrial heritage of the area.

The townhomes will be built on the north end of the park with access off Princeton Street and connectivity to the planned YMCA Family Center.

The three-story townhomes will feature optional roof top terraces with views of the surrounding park and lake.

Pennsylvania-based Toll Brothers was announced as the builder of the townhomes.

As part of The Packing District, historic buildings will be repurposed, integrated with new uses, and connected to dedicated public spaces by a new plan for urban trails and a new 100-acre public park (gifted to the City of Orlando).

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