Top 5 Reputable Hair Salons In Orlando

It’s heartbreaking to move sometimes, as you always go through the list of services and businesses you are losing from your life that you have become accustomed to.

For some moving to Orlando means losing their favorite hairstylist or hair salon that they have built a relationship with over the years.

Today, Forbes reports that with over 97 percent of consumers using the Internet and online reviews to find the best and most reputable local business for a service or product, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Here are the top 5 hair salons in Orlando right now.

1 – Divine Escape

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This hair salon seems to have a very active customer base. With over 1000+ 5-star reviews across Google, Yelp & Facebook they are doing something good.

Divine Escape
6601 Old Winter Garden Rd #107
Orlando , FL 32835
P: 407-362-1643

2 – On-Site Studio Hair Salon

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They have very descriptive reviews on Yelp with lots of happy customers posting pictures of their hair. They’re very responsive to both good and bad reviews on Google but not so much on Facebook and Yelp.

On-Site Studio Hair Salon
730 Vassar St
Orlando, FL 32804
P: 407-930-7922

3 – Aveda – Matthew Michael’s Salon Experience

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They are very responsive to good and bad reviews on Google. They also have a lot of feedback on how friendly the staff is.

Aveda – Matthew Michael’s Salon Experience
1844 Winter Park Rd Suite B
Orlando, FL 32803
P: 407-896-9892

4 – Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa

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They are very responsive to good and bad reviews on Google. Not so much on Yelp. They do have a strong customer base and their reviews on Google prove that.

Sanctuary Salon & Med Spa
6735 Conroy Rd #104
Orlando, FL 32835
P: 407-909-1011

5 – Maria DR Salon

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Out of a total of 127 reviews they currently have a near perfect online reputation with all 5 star reviews except 2. One is a 4 star and the other is a 2 star.

Maria DR Salon
6572 Old Winter Garden Rd
Orlando, FL 32835
P: 407-203-5093

Orlando Hair Salon On The Rise

This hair salon didn’t make the top 5 but they are definitely worthy of recognition. They have one of the best review profiles on Yelp. See stats below.

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar

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They are the King of Yelp. Over 200 Yelp reviews with 180+ of them 5 stars is unheard of. They are definitely doing something right.

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar
541 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL 32828
P: 407-896-3241

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How to Find the Best Orlando Hair Salons

When you are “between stylists” and need to make the cut from one salon to another, there are another of ways you can do so. But in the twenty-first century, using online reviews and Internet searches have become the new normal.

Forbes reports that 97 percent of consumers today are using the Internet to find their new product or service and that one in eight consumers today are searching online for their next favorite local business. Yelp is not just a thing.

Between Yelp, Facebook reviews, and Google reviews and ratings, consumers today are letting their fingers do the walking with their mouse to find the next big thing.

That’s how you are going to find the best salons in Orlando. Let’s have a look at the following:

  • check the website
  • referrals work
  • get social
  • prices don’t always matter with salons
  • giveaways
  • mom and pop shops
  • get the menu feels
  • real talk with online reviews

Check the Website Vibe

Most businesses today know that having some form of online presence is important in the digital world. It is their business footprint or business card they leave for customers and potential customers. Even mom and pop shops today have something online.

Very often, even before we check out Facebook or reviews, one of the first things we intuitively look for when choosing a new hair salon is the website vibe. If the ones you are looking for don’t have one, that could be significant.

When looking for the best Orlando hair salon, you want one that meets your every need. Does their website give you a good vibe? Is it easy to use or clunky to navigate?

Can you book an appointment online and is the contact information all there? Checking out the website is often the first thing you want to do when choosing your next best friend, which is how many people that take their hair salon seriously look at it.

Referrals Work – Who has good hair?

There’s no better way to find the best salons in Orlando than to view the people coming out of them. Or, when you see someone with pretty hair while you are running errands, at the bank, or picking up the groceries, pay forward a compliment and ask them where they got it done.

All Women’s Talk reports that most people will be willing to dish up the compliments in return and tell all when it comes to revealing who their salon secret is.

Get Social – Who’s Talking About Them?

The research is in. Online reviews and ratings work. Whether you are searching for them on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or their personal web page, online searches will help you to find your best salon in Orlando.

But you don’t want to just search for them, read about them. What exactly ARE the reviews saying? Check out the profile pictures of people exclaiming accolades about them. This is the twenty-first century way of referrals.

It’s Your Hair – Price Doesn’t Always Matter

How much you want to spend on feeling beautiful is nobody’s business but your own. You may want to invest a lot in your look, and may even have to if your job depends on it.

So the price may not always be the most important thing. Feeling beautiful is a priceless gift, and if looking beautiful is a priority to you, then the prices may not be the deciding factor in choosing the next best salon for you.

At the same time, if the salon feels expensive and everything else on the list checks out, save up. A good haircut can take you through the holidays and into the next season.

Giveaways Giveaway Great Salon Secrets

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Sales and specials or any form of the giveaway are a big secret of the best salons in Orlando.

When you are searching for the next best thing, find out who is enticing customers into their sweet salon portal with the gift of a freebie.

We’re so confident in the power of giveaways we want you to enter to win our first giveaway of $1,300 in beauty products.

Mom and Pop Shops – Go Local

There is so much power in the power of local businesses, particularly in this day and age where the economy is on the news every single day. When it comes to finding the best hair salon in Orlando, find the best hair salon…in Orlando.

Local reviews online can help, but the power of the referred word does as well. Mom and pop shops, also known as local businesses, offer something special to the consumer.

You want a salon that makes you feel at home. What better way to do that than by pouring your money back into the local economy. You will enjoy a specialized service from a business that will go the extra mile, simply because they are competing with larger corporate dollars.

The research shows that more and more Americans are going local, for that simple reason. Forbes reports that three out of four people are using their phones to search for local businesses and that those storefront impressions are making a larger impression on consumers than brick and mortar referrals.

Local businesses and mom and pop style salons are working harder to meet your needs, and establish their online presence so that you know about that.

Get the Feels of the Menu

Just like you would check out the menu of the best pie bakeries in Orlando before you buy, so too would you do the same thing for a hair salon. You’re not going to just jump into a salon sight unseen.

Check out the menus of their services online first. A good salon will have a full menu online, or at least an idea of what they offer. Is it a full-service situation?

Or are you just logging into a one-page deal they use for business or marketing services?

Do you feel like you are at home of a new beauty experience when you get on the site? Or are you left with more questions than answers when you check out their page? Get the feels of the online menu before you decide.

Real Question – Are the Stylists Pretty?

There is a good chance that you could get an excellent referral to an Orlando salon by asking someone in the grocery store about their hair cut. But at the same time, you want someone to cut your hair that looks good.

Online presence and online reviews are great. There’s no better testimonial to a salon’s skill than by their own personal look.

You can often get this if they have a strong presence. They should go above and beyond to make sure that you know that the people coming out of their salon look amazing and that they do too. Someone that can handle their own look with style is going to be determined to do the same thing with you.

Real Talk – Read and Leave Online Reviews

It can’t be said enough that online reviews are the way that small businesses today are competing, and succeeding in a global market swamping the competition. And while referrals, a stacked menu, and pretty stylists are all great things to consider when choosing the best hair salons in Orlando, you still want to read and research the online reviews.

You also want to leave your own. But first, not only do you want to read and leave reviews, you want to see how the management is responding to them.
Are they leaving canned responses to online reviews that seem cold and rushed?

Are they reaching out to negative reviews and making all consumers feel comfortable?

Every review matters. The feels you get from online reviews are going to be the same feels you get from your salon experience.

Take your time researching Yelp top 10 reviews and ratings, and making sure you are very attentive to all of the salon’s online star ratings, recommendations, and what they are saying to customers of yesterday.

Online Reviews Work

In days of yore, location, location, location, was the mantra for small businesses to succeed. Today that still matters, but online presence is the location you need to consider when choosing the best Orlando hair salons. How popular are they? It matters.

Working online reviews work. Forbes notes that Internet usage for consumers searching local has exploded, and doubled since 2001. The local business is penetrated by smartphone use and grown from 20 percent to 69 percent with Americans today. Let your fingers do the walking with your mouse, by researching the most reputable businesses in Orlando today.


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