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Top 5 Optometrist In Greater Orlando

Nearly 153 million people globally have uncorrected refractive errors.

Refractive errors are common eye disorders such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, without correction such as glasses or contacts, people have trouble seeing.

It’s important to see an optometrist regularly to correct vision problems and take care of your eye health. If you live in Orlando, you might be wondering how to find a reputable optometrist in your area.

We got you covered! We have researched all of Greater Orlando (the top 15 cities) to find the most reputable Optometrists. There are over 340 Optometrist in Greater Orlando that were researched and we have scored the top 5 out of that list.

Keep reading below for the top 5 most reputable optometrists in Greater Orlando.

Best of Greater Orlando – Top 5 Optometrists

#1 – You & Eyes – Orlando

#2 – Coan Eye Care – Ocoee

#3 – EyeDeal Optical – Kissimmee

#4 – Frutchey Eye Care – Sanford

#5 – Trinity Eye Associates – Oviedo

Top 5 Greater Orlando Optometrist Rating Recap (Date Completed: 4/29/19)
#1 - You & Eyes - Orlando9.63
#2 - Coan Eye Care - Ocoee9.563144.70
#3 - EyeDeal Optical - Kissimmee8.79
#4 - Frutchey Eye Care - Sanfod8.562124.936712421
#5 - Trinity Eye Associates - Oviedo8.03

To get more information on how we score our top 5 click here.

Top 5 Optometrist By City

Below is a list of the top 15 cities in Greater Orlando we researched. Click on one of the images below to find the top 5 Optometrist for your city.

What Does an Optometrist Do?

We remember to get a regular physical exam at the doctor’s office and a dental exam twice a year, but how about an exam for our eyes?

We may neglect our eye health for many reasons. Maybe you don’t notice that anything is wrong with your vision. Or perhaps your family has no history of eye disorders.

However, it’s important to understand what an optometrist does and why they’re so important.

An optometrist is an eye doctor with a Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. When you go to an optometrist, they will look at your eyes and will look for any health or vision issues.

An optometrist can correct your eyesight by prescribing glasses or contact lenses. They may also help with vision therapy.

An optometrist is different than an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist can perform eye surgery. An optometrist, however, can provide care before and after eye surgery.

When Should You See an Optometrist?

Wondering how often you should go to your optometrist? The answer depends on your age and risk factor.

Generally, the American Optomologist Association (AOA), recommends adults between the ages of 18-39 have an eye exam at least every two years if you’re low risk. If you’re at risk, you should have an exam at least once a year.

Why a Good Optometrist is Important

Having good eye health is important for your quality of life. Early treatment is important to diagnosing common eye problems and preventing permanent vision problems.

According to the CDC, out of the 61 million American adults that are at risk for permanent vision loss, only half have gone to an eye doctor in the past year.

Moreover, only an eye doctor can diagnose eye problems and vision issues.

As with any physician, you want to be comfortable seeing and being treated by them–especially when it comes to your eyes. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of touching their eyes or having their eyes examined, so they need a good eye doctor that can alleviate their anxieties.

What Makes a Good Optometrist

Wondering what makes a good optometrist? Here are key things you should look for when choosing your eye doctor.

They Make Patients Comfortable

When you go to your eye doctor, do you feel comfortable? Does your doctor alleviate your concerns by talking to you about your eye health?

One example is with contacts. Some people who wear eyeglasses also wish to wear contact lenses. However, they might be put off from wearing contacts because they’re uncomfortable with the idea of putting something in their eyes.

In this case, an optometrist should guide their patient in this decision. The eye doctor should educate the patient about wearing contacts, how to wear them, and how to safely remove and disinfect them.

You want an eye doctor that listens to your concerns and helps you by offering solutions and advice.

They’re Good at What They Do

You want an eye doctor that doesn’t fumble around with tools or equipment. They should know how to use all their tools with ease yet carefully. After all, they are caring for your eyes.

They’re Up to Date on the Industry

Medical technology is constantly changing. For example, there are now digital tools that eye doctors use to learn about the state of your vision.

A good optometrist should be up to date on the latest eye care trends and news.

An Organized and Clean Office

An eye doctor’s office should be clean and organized. You should feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you walk through the office doors.

Another thing to notice is the staff. Are you greeted with a friendly staff when you check in?

You can also take note of the way the receptionist answers the phone and books your appointment. You don’t want staff that seems to be in a hurry to book your appointment and get you off the phone.

How is the wait time at the doctor’s office? Do you find that you’re spending way too long waiting and that appointments are overbooked?

Good Communication Skills

Do you leave your eye doctor appointment feeling confused and unsure? Your optometrist should clearly explain to you any procedures you don’t understand. They should also give you clear instructions for how to care for your eyes at home.

They’re Passionate

You want a doctor who loves working with patients and is passionate at what they do. You don’t want a doctor who seems bored or apathetic when it comes to your eye health.

Open Availability

Another thing to look for is availability. If you can only do weekend appointments or late hours, you can find an eye doctor that can accommodate you.

However, most optometry offices are open during normal weekday business hours.

How Online Reviews Help

Research reveals the power of online reviews: 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. What’s more, 68% of people form an opinion after looking at between one and six online reviews.

When making an important decision–such as choosing an eye doctor–online reviews can help you make an informed decision. A good review will give you insight about an eye care professional.

Finding the Top Orlando Optometrists

Orlando is a major city with a large population, and finding the best Orlando optometrists may seem initially overwhelming.

However, with this top 5 list and a little research, you can find the right optometrist for you.