Dismal Springs: It’s Going to be a Long Road to Reopening

Took a trip to check out Disney Spings, the dining and retail complex that was the first part of the resort to reopen, and found it a shell of its former self. It appeared that there are more venues that remain closed than are open.

Few guests, too, which was fine by me. I didn’t relish finding myself in scrum of people jostling about, even in a place that requires everyone to wear a mask. (More on masks in a moment.) People seemed to just wander. There was little to look at and the mood seemed depressing. Yes, dismal.

But I was anxious to see how Disney was handling the reopening; maybe it would give an insight into how the theme parks will be put back into play. And I was determined to have my first dine-in experience – more like a dine-at experience because I was determined to sit outside – since March 12.

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