Gov. DeSantis says Florida isn’t ready for third phase of reopening

Gov. Ron DeSantis said Florida isn’t ready for the next phase of his effort to reinvigorate the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We never anticipated necessarily doing anything different in terms of the next phase at this point anyways,” DeSantis said Thursday during a bill-signing event in Tampa. “We are where we are. Obviously, South Florida is where they are. I think the main thing is just for folks to look, in May, if you remember end of April, May all the way through, you know coronavirus was relatively quiet in Florida. You had manageable cases. Our positivity rate was 4 or 5 percent consistently.”

But since the Memorial Day weekend, positive cases have grown, with more than 5,000 reported Thursday to push the state’s total to 114,000 cases since March. DeSantis has resisted calls to issue a statewide requirement for people to wear masks but urged people to follow health guidelines, which include social distancing, avoiding crowds, hand washing and wearing masks in public.

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