Here’s The NBA’s Entire Schedule For Its Orlando Bubble League

By the time the NBA resumes its season in Orlando at the end of July, it will have been more than four and a half months since its hiatus. During that time, the world has changed dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic has tightened its grip on the country and the Black Lives Matter movement has taken front and center in the fight for social justice reform.

Despite the many logistical challenges involved, the league is pressing on with the bubble league that will feature 22 teams and hundreds of team and league personnel housed on the Disney campus under strict quarantine protocols for more than three months.

Those teams will play an eight-game slate designed to bring the regular season to a close and determine playoff seeding. On Friday, we finally gained some clarity on how it will all pan out after the league released the schedule for the eight seeding games for all 22 teams.

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