On same day as new record for COVID-19 cases, Sen. Rick Scott tells Fox News that Florida doesn’t need a statewide mask order

Florida Sen. Rick Scott defended Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision not to impose further sweeping shutdowns in Florida as the state’s case count continues to surge.

Scott appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday, supporting the governor’s Tuesday announcement that Florida is “not going back” on its reopening and to call on local, state and federal governments not to issue further shutdowns.

“I think we ought to stop mandating things and start just giving people good information,” Scott said. The former Florida governor added, “That’s what I did when I had hurricanes. People are smart. Give them good information. Tell them where there’s the spread of the virus—places that are at risk. If you tell me a restaurant has had patients or employees with coronavirus, I’d probably avoid it for a while.”

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