If you’re looking for a great date idea or night out with your friends, an escape room is sure to be a hit. Each one offers tons of fun for you and your companions.

The best Orlando escape rooms offer challenging fun that can be shared with your entire family or friend group. But how do you know which ones are best?

To save you some time, we’ve compiled this list of the best escape rooms Orlando has to offer. Keep reading to find out which one you want to try.

Orlando Escape Rooms are rapidly becoming more popular. Several escape rooms have opened up in the Orlando area just in the last 2-3 years. The escape room concept was born in Japan, spread through Asia, then arrived in the U.S. in 2012.

So what exactly is an escape room game?

Escape games are an incredibly popular form of entertainment and education. A group of 2-12 are locked in a themed room and must work together using your mental, physical and personal abilities to solve puzzles, decode clues and figure out how to escape within a 60-minute time period.

We have researched and scored the top 10 escape rooms in Orlando. All reviews and scoring will be redone every 6 months to make sure you know who the most reputable Orlando escape rooms are.

Here is how the top 10 Orlando escape rooms stack up…

1 – The Escape Game Orlando (9.89)

The Escape Game Orlando Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor35324.95336614813333

About: The Escape Game is a live 60-minute adventure. You and your team will select a challenge and will have one hour to complete your mission and escape. They offer several unique experiences, all happening in a completely immersive environment. You may be in prison planning an escape, on Mars trying to repair a spaceship, or in a museum stealing back a piece of art.

The Escape Game Orlando
A: 8145 International Dr #511
Orlando, FL 32819
P: 407-501-7222

2 – Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando (9.80)

Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor22744.87207014040168

About: International Drive’s original premium real life escape game experience! Located in a prime spot on International Drive, up to 6 players will be challenged in this Escape Game by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks that will free them from the game room. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Escapology Escape Rooms Orlando
A: 11951 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
P: 407-278-1515

3 – American Escape Rooms Orlando (8.96)

American Escape Rooms Orlando Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor624.56496313

About: American Escape Rooms Orlando next to UCF, is a new, exciting, fun and entertaining LIVE ESCAPE ROOM GAME in the city of Orlando next to UCF which offers very special and unique experience for teams of 2 to 32 people. The goal is simple yet challenging: To escape from the room in 60 minutes or less. This new and fun intellectual challenge is an interactive journey, working with your team mates, understanding clues and solving puzzles in one of our many high quality, mysterious Escape Rooms, in truly thrilling race against time! You can only win if you work as a team.

American Escape Rooms Orlando
A: 12074 Collegiate Way
Orlando, FL 32817
P: 407-730-2508

4 – Lockbusters Escape Game (8.96)

Lockbusters Escape Game Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor2494.8021425721

About: Lockbusters Escape Game is not your ordinary escape room! Lockbusters takes you into another world that is very immersive, with hands-on interactions, and makes you a part of the story that you have chosen to enter. Ever wonder what it feels like to be trapped in a Serial Killer’s basement trying to escape? How about sailing on a ghost pirate ship to look for lost treasure in the open seas? Or trying to complete a high priority mission to save the world? Well, here at Lockbusters you can find the answer to those questions by playing our games: The Collector, Pirate Adventure, and Chopper Down!

Lockbusters Escape Game
A: 8326 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
P: 407-930-0822

5 – America’s Escape Game Orlando (8.95)

America’s Escape Game Orlando Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor16564.921559761245

About: America’s Escape Game was founded in April of 2015, and is located in the heart of International Drive in Orlando Florida. America’s Escape Game has entertained more than 100,000 guests since its doors opened and is the worldwide leader in high quality immersive escape games.

America’s Escape Game Orlando
A: 8723 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
P: 407-412-5585

6 – MindQuest Escape Games (8.91)

MindQuest Escape Games Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor7074.89654381023

About: At Mindquest you’ll experience only the finest escape games! Their escape games range in difficulty and while you might have an interest in finding a stealing a diamond, you might also want to scare your friends by attempting to solve the mystery of our Haunted Mansion. Regardless of which escape game you adventure through, you’ll find yourself solving puzzles, outwitting brainteasers and massaging your brain in ways you never thought imaginable. Mindquest Escape Games has some of the most creative puzzles.

MindQuest Escape Games
A: 9938 Universal Blvd #112
Orlando, FL 32819
P: 407-392-0885

7 – The Great Escape Room (8.65)

The Great Escape Room Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor5394.714475518136

About: Located in the heart of downtown, Orlando is the home of our first escape room! The Great Escape Room® is an exciting Sherlock-themed escape adventure that has proven to be a favorite around town. Our rooms are part scavenger hunt and part puzzle-solving. All groups must work together as a team to escape. You have just 60 minutes… will you escape?

The Great Escape Room
A: 23 1/2 South Magnolia Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
P: 386-385-8860

8 – The Escape Effect Orlando (8.17)

The Escape Effect Orlando Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor425.00420000

About: Orlando’s most unique escape games – fresh themes, no cookie-cutter gameplay, and an innovative hint system. Conveniently located on Interational Drive. Next to the Chocolate Museum & Cafe and close to Disney, Seaworld, and Universal. Featuring Orlando’s FIRST and ONLY 90-minute escape game!

The Escape Effect Orlando
A: 11701 International Dr #420
Orlando, FL 32821
P: 855-426-3372

9 – The Escape Company (8.05)

The Escape Company Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor35324.9533661481323

About: Mystery awaits eager competitors at Escape Room Entertainment. With five rooms to choose from, groups will have to decide what sort of world they want to enter. Whatever they choose, they’ll have to work as part of a team to uncover clues and solve puzzles, all of which leads them ever closer to discovering the answers to it all.

The Escape Company
A: 8580 Palm Pkwy
Orlando, FL 32836
P: 407-778-5800

10 – Breakout Escape Rooms (7.48)

Breakout Escape Rooms Online Reviews

Scan Date:ReviewsStar Rating
Trip Advisor834.51666416

About: Perfect for any occasion, like birthday parties, corporate events, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties! Once inside your chosen room, groups must work together to seek out clues, answer riddles, and interact with the environment if they hope to escape the room or, in one case, survive the end of the world— before the clock runs out. The result…an enthralling, cooperative escapade through fantasy that’s as intense as it is tangibly immersive.

Breakout Escape Rooms
A: 8155 Vineland Ave
Orlando, FL 32821
P: 407-778-4562

Orlando Escape Rooms Recap (Scan Date: 2/12/18)(Last 6 Months)
1 - The Escape Game 9.894736
2 - Escapology Escape Rooms9.803453
3 - American Escape Rooms8.96612
4 - Lockbusters Escape Game8.96445
5 - America's Escape Game8.9527434.8814313
6 - MindQuest Escape Games8.9111624.841575
7 - The Great Escape Room8.6510134.7316314
8 - The Escape Effect8.171245.001240
9 - The Escape Company8.056484.8011611
10 - Breakout Escape Rooms7.483764.6610317

The Importance of Reviews and Reputation

You may be wondering how we determined which escape rooms are the best out of all the ones offered in Orlando. We’ve relied on online reviews to make our decision.

Online reviews are the best way to discover the real quality of any item or event you’re considering. Reviews tell you about the experiences of real people who’ve handled or experienced the thing you’re wondering about.

Relying on a company or attraction’s website isn’t enough. They’re always going to promote their product as the best there is. Reviews give a much more truthful view of what you’re wondering about.

When going out for a night on the town you want to know you’re heading to an attraction with a good reputation. Otherwise, you may end up in some sticky, and potentially even dangerous, situations. That, in turn, could ruin your reputation among your friends and family, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time.

What Makes a Great Escape Room?

There are lots of great, reputable escape rooms out there, so how do you choose? The first step is to ask yourself, “What makes a great escape room?”

You know the main concept of all escape rooms-you enter the game, there’s a mystery to solve, and you have to solve it in a certain amount of time or you lose the game. But what makes an escape room better than the next one? Let’s take a look.

Interesting Storylines

The storyline needs to be engaging and intriguing. If you don’t have any interest in solving the mystery you probably won’t have much fun. On the flip side, if the mystery is too dark, you may not enjoy that either.

When considering which escape room game to play, keep adventure in mind. If the game’s story doesn’t feel like an adventure to you, move on to another one. There’s bound to be a game that’ll get your heart pumping, so don’t sell yourself short.

Great Narrative Flow

Whether an escape room has a great story or not, it’ll flop if the narrative doesn’t flow throughout the game. More and more of the storyline should unfold as you play the game. Otherwise, you’ll lose interest and won’t care what the next clue tells you.

A great escape room game keeps you guessing, but keeps you learning at the same time.

Appropriate Level of Difficulty

A great escape room appropriately labels their games with the right difficulty level. This lets you know if a game is more or less challenging than you’re looking for. Each mystery should be challenging, but not so challenging you’re completely lost.

This is one area where reviews can be very helpful. They’ll help you gauge if an escape room labels their difficulty levels correctly or not.

Strategic Use of Space

Most escape room spaces aren’t huge. They don’t need to be for a game to be fantastic. It all comes down to how the space is used.

A single-roomed game can keep multiple players busy for the entire 60 minutes of allotted time. Every inch of the room should be put to good use.

The layout, decor, furniture, and other design elements should all create the correct atmosphere for the storyline and help players solve the mystery. Having some items that don’t apply is okay, but if there are too many things that are placed to get you off track, you’ll just end up frustrated.

A Great Build Up

That strategic use of space we were just talking about? That rule applies to the space outside the game room, too. Escape rooms that are serious about providing a great experience will start getting you in the mood before you ever enter the room.

Safe and Clean Operation

The best escape rooms are kept clean and well-maintained and they’re run using stringent safety measures. The chances of you getting yourself into trouble in an escape room are remote, but it’s good to know that the owner is prepared should problems arise.

Interactive Elements

A great escape room offers plenty of interactive elements for you and your group to do together. You shouldn’t just be reading clues or watching videos the whole time.

Each of these elements should match the difficulty rating. If they’re too easy or too difficult, they players won’t enjoy the experience.

Different Types of Puzzles to Solve

Among the interactive elements, there should be different types of puzzles to solve. It doesn’t matter how many interactive elements there are, if they’re all the same type you’ll get bored.

Overall, you want a safe, fun, challenging experience that everyone in your group will love. As long as the escape room and story are well put together and you choose the right difficulty level you’ll likely have a good time.

Use Reviews to Find the Best Orlando Escape Rooms

If you’re looking to experience an escape room, Orlando is a great place to do it. Several Orlando escape rooms offer great mysteries that you’ll talk about for years to come. Start with one, then move on to another-you’re bound to like more than one.

Don’t forget to check reviews before going to an escape room. Just because an escape room advertises that it’s the best, that doesn’t mean that it is. Reviews will give you honest opinions that you can rely on.

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