Orlando, FL To Deploy First Autonomous Shuttles

Launching the service only in Lake Nona, a smart community not far from Orlando International Airport, creates natural parameters for the autonomous shuttle pilot program. Operating within a set boundary with low vehicle speeds is far easier to test a program’s feasibility than in high-traffic, high-speed areas.

Small, constrained autonomous vehicle (AV) pilots set up operators for greater success to demonstrate safe operations. Strong safety records help to build trust in AVs at a time when recent studies indicate consumer safety perceptions are a major barrier to AV industry growth. Public trust issues grew after last year’s deadly Uber AV accident in Tempe, AZ. That AV had a safety backup operator on board at the time but the person was streaming video instead of watching the road and the vehicle.

Beep’s new arrival — and the fact that it is first to the community — means it lacks evidence of a strong safety record. At least for the short term, the company plans to work within planned communities and low-speed environments on defined routes. Autonomous shuttles are becoming increasingly used in cities across the United States, including in the likes of Columbus, OH, Providence, RI, Denver and Las Vegas, while the University of South Florida is carrying out its own trials.

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