How We Score Online Reputation

How We Score & Rate The Top 5 Businesses

We score the top 5 businesses similar to how research of many we’ll known SEO experts have determined how Google uses online reviews signals to rate businesses in the Google Maps 3 pack.

Research concludes that Google uses these 4 online review signals:

  1. Review Quantity: The total online reviews a business has.
  2. Review Quality: The star rating of online reviews.
  3. Review Diversity: The diversity of reviews on multiple review sites.
  4. Review Velocity: How fast reviews are acquired in any period of time.

Our reviewing system only follows the top 3 review signals. It would be very difficult for us to keep up with review velocity which is why we don’t use that metric.

In order for any business to qualify for any top 5 list they must at least have an average review score of 3.5 across Google & Yelp. We don’t include Facebook star rating since they have changed their review scoring to recommendations.

This scoring metric can change at any time if we find a better way to score. Any changes will be updated on this page.