Tamale Co. Is Some of Central Florida’s Tastiest Food

We’ve been fans of Tamale Co. for years and years and years. In fact, we’ll let you in on a little secret: We used to work out at Lake Eola a few years ago, and Tamale Co. would bring one of their food trucks to the area one Wednesday night every month. We’d specifically make sure to make it to our boot camp class that night–with our wallet, of course–so we could grab some tamales immediately after. Hey – everyone has their own workout goals, right? We also may have stalked their Twitter in the past to find out exactly where their trucks would be making appearances. There – guess it’s not really a secret anymore….

If you’re not familiar with Tamale Co. at all, well…a) you’re probably feeling like you’re missing out on something in life but you’re not quite sure what it is (and you are) and b) you must get acquainted with them pronto.

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