Top Orlando Instagram Food Posts: Week 11

Every week we analyze the most engaged Instagram food posts in Orlando. Below are the stats for the top 3 Instagram food hashtags that were used in Orlando for week 11 of 2018 (Mar 12th -18th):

  1. #orlandoeats
    • Posts: 661
    • Engagement/Post: 81/post
    • Engaged Users: 54k
  2. #orlandofoodie
    • Posts: 724
    • Engagement/Post: 79/post
    • Engaged Users: 57k
  1.  #orlandofood
    • Posts: 553
    • Engagement/Post: 58/post
    • Engaged Users: 32k

Here are the top 5 most popular Instagram posts that used one of the top 3 hashtags for week 11 of 2018.

#1 – Thai Tea Ice Cream I-CE-NY Baldwin Park

Post Engagement (Mar 12th -18th, 2018): 4,961 Likes & 69 Comments
Total Engagement: 5,030

#2 – Red Velvet Cake From The Glass Knife

Post Engagement (Mar 12th -18th, 2018): 2,492 Likes & 21 Comments
Total Engagement: 2,513

#3 – Vegan Wraps From Leguminati Vegan Eatery

THERE’S GOOD NEWS AND THERE’S BAD NEWS! the bad news? we’ve been off the grid and haven’t sold ANY food in the past month or so! the good news? there’s a reason for this! we’ve been busting our butts to get the doors of our very first brick and mortar location in @thehourglassdistrict open so we can feed you seven days a week! we appreciate your patience, love, support, and loyalty to our brand and what we’ve done and will continue to do in this community! stay tuned for news and updates – we’ll be up and running before you know it! #vegan #hourglassdistrict #crunchmac #foxtailcoffee #beanteam #coffeebeanteam #bp4l #asseenontv #plantbased #veganfoodie #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganeats #orlando #orlandofl #orlandodoesntsuck #orlandofoodie

A post shared by LEGUMINATI VEGAN EATERY (@leguminati) on

Post Engagement (Mar 12th -18th, 2018): 675 Likes & 42 Comments
Total Engagement: 717

#4 – Tarot Tots From King Bao Restaurant

Post Engagement (Mar 12th -18th, 2018): 541 Likes & 32 Comments
Total Engagement: 573

#5 – Cherry Pie From Perkins Family Restaurant

Post Engagement (Mar 12th -18th, 2018): 509 Likes & 4 Comments
Total Engagement: 513


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