Top Orlando Instagram Food Posts: Week 9

Every week we analyze the most engaged Instagram food posts in Orlando. Below are the stats for the top 3 Instagram food hashtags that were used in Orlando for week 9 of 2018 (Feb 26th – Mar 4th):

  1. #orlandoeats
    • Posts: 573
    • Engagement/Post: 60/post
    • Engaged Users:34k
  2. #orlandofoodie
    • Posts: 498
    • Engagement/Post: 64/post
    • Engaged Users: 32k
  1.  #orlandofood
    • Posts: 435
    • Engagement/Post: 52/post
    • Engaged Users: 23k

Here are the top 5 most popular Instagram posts that used one of the top 3 hashtags for week 9 of 2018.

#1 – Gourmet Meal From Highball & Harvest

A gourmet review, so you can enjoy this OUTSTANDING meal too! Highball and Harvest in Orlando, Florida (located in the @ritzcarlton Grande Lakes) is one of the most delicious, eclectic and incredible meals I’ve had in awhile. The food is gourmet ( #gwagpapproved ), beautifully presented, & made with super fresh and organic ingredients. Let’s just say that every dish that came somehow outdid the previous dish that I absolutely didn’t think could be outdid. The atmosphere is super vibey and chill, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and fun to meet, and there’s a a fun bar and games located in the restaurant to play after your iconic meal! I would say that @highballharvest is a MUST. Pictured above is most of the food we got. To break it down quickly, first I put the dessert “Gran Ma’s Chocolate Mousse” (a chocolate mint mouse filled with flavors that take over your tastebuds and put you into a state of pure serenity). ?We also got the oysters (outstanding), cauliflower hash with apple bbq (literally the best thing I had here I wanted to take 6 buckets of it home.), pickled watermelon (refreshing and delicious), Brussels, the catch of the day with purple potatoes, and the grilled romaine salad (filled with iconic unique flavors you have to try! I absolutely love grilled romaine, something about it just warms my tastebuds and brings me happiness). Jared got the special, the “chicken and the egg” and said it was absolutely delicious, authentic and unique! ?Along with gourmet food, they have beyond gourmet cocktails as well! I got a fun take on a Moscow mule.. can you guess what the crazy ingredient here was? (BLUEBERRY JAM!) – I highly recommend it. We finished off the meal with a beautiful raspberry sorbet (made in house) & got the honor of meeting the chef!! He’s my new favorite person & my soul brother (if that is a thing… I’m making it a thing). Basically, go eat here. #gwagpreviews #agourmetreview #highballandharvest #iconicmeals #healthyandhappy #orlandoeats #girlwithagourmetmeal #happypalate #cheers #girlwithagourmetpalate #ritzcarlton #rcmemories #gwagporlando #gwagptravels #foodblogger #GETGOURMET Comment a ? if u want more of these!

A post shared by Alexa Luria (@girlwithagourmetpalate) on

Post Engagement (Feb 26th – Mar 4th, 2018): 2,104 Likes & 121 Comments
Total Engagement: 2,225

#2 – Cookiewiches From Twistee Treat

Post Engagement (Feb 26th – Mar 4th, 2018): 687 Likes & 80 Comments
Total Engagement: 767

#3 – Strawberry Pancakes From Strawberry Festival in Plant City Florida

Happy National Strawberry Day ??? And. National Pancake Day!! ??? How lucky am I with two of my favorite things being celebrated on the same day! ???????? Tonight for dinner at our home we are having pancakes topped with Florida’s juiciest Strawberries ? ? ? . . March 1 is the beginning of the Strawberry Festival in Plant City Florida. Did you see the line up? I’m super excited to catch a few of the shows during the festival. Do you have a favorite you want to go see? Hurry and purchase your tickets. . . . . . . . . . . #florida #floridastrawberries #floridastrawberryfestival #floridastrawberry #strawberries #flstrawberry #pancakes #frestivals #foodblogger #travelblogger #travelwriter #orlando #tampa #orlandofoodie #tampafoodie #sunshine #fruit

A post shared by Girl Abroad (@girlabroad) on

Post Engagement (Feb 26th – Mar 4th, 2018): 618 Likes & 3 Comments
Total Engagement: 621

#4 – Bacon Cheeseburger From Five Guys

Post Engagement (Feb 26th – Mar 4th, 2018): 528 Likes & 47 Comments
Total Engagement: 575

#5 – Tempura Fish Tacos From Chroma Modern Bar + Kitchen

Post Engagement (Feb 26th – Mar 4th, 2018): 476 Likes & 8 Comments
Total Engagement: 484


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